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If a tooth is severely damaged or broken, or if several teeth are missing a removable prosthesis, facets, crowns or bridges can be engineered in order to give you back the aesthetics and energy of your smile.

Due to several factors, sometimes due to lack of teeth, an implant or fixed prosthesis cannot be applied. Although they are not so comfortable, the removable prosthesis can restore to a very reasonable level the dental functions.


We like to position ourselves as a modern and vanguard laboratory. We take pride and pleasure in producing the most natural looking esthetics with the highest grade materials. We are also determined to provide the most state-of-the-art solutions and materials to all our customers. For treatments with implants where it is not possible to use a fixed prosthetic, there remains the possibility to use a semi-fixed prosthesis over implants. This solution is very comfortable when compared to a fully removable solution.