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Fixed Prosthesis
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If a tooth is very damaged, broken or several teeth are missing a removable prosthesis, facet, crown or bridge can engineered in order to replenish the aesthetics and energy of your smile.


Ceramic facets are a technique used to correct the aesthetics of frontal teeth. The materials used are very robust and reliable as well as aesthetic.


When the lost dental structure is extensive, it is advisable to replace the tooth’s natural crown with and artificial crown. When teeth are missing, the adjacent teeth can be prepared in order to support a bridge, thus allowing for the substitution of the missing tooth or teeth.


In case of a missing tooth or teeth, the implant is another method to be taken into account.


We like to position ourselves as a modern and vanguard laboratory. We take pride and pleasure in producing the most natural looking esthetics with the highest grade materials.
We are also determined to provide the most state-of-the-art solutions and materials to all our customers.