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CAD = Computer Aided Design
CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing

The CAD-CAM technology fully integrates both techniques in a unique and complete system. This means for example, that we can project and analyze any component on the computer screen, transmit this data via the computer to a fabrication system, where the desired finished product will be automatically machined.


We have a vast range of advanced techniques, which enables us to choose the best technique and materials for each job and request. For the CAD-CAM jobs we can choose between 4 different systems, and withdraw the best out of each one. We have opted to work exclusively with automated systems because we deeply believe that this method leverages the best possible quality with a 5 year guarantee.


 Implantable Pilars - Metal, Zyrcon/Metal, Zyrcon – Manual or CAD-CAM
 Crown and Pontices over an implant – Metal/Cermic and Zyrcon – Manual or CAD-CAM
 Crowns and Facets in Zyrcon and Alumina
 Inlays/ONlays – Zyrcon, Alumina and Artglass
 Semi-removable prosthesis and hybrids over implants
 Removable prosthesis