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We have recently created an outsourcing department. This way we enable our professional colleagues to tryout Zirconium and Cr-Co products made from CAD-CAM, and offer them to their clients without having to invest in a their own complete system.
This way they get access to the highest quality products and with resource to the most advanced technologies. Since we work with large volumes of products in this area, we are able to practice a very competitive pricing.

  But for those who like to have ALL THE CONTROL, we offer 2 different solutions:
 Quality  Yes
 Competitive Prices  Yes
 Guarantee  Yes
 Ease of use  Yes
 Zirconium  Pilares de Implantes Personalizados
 Coifas, Pontes, Facetas e Inlays
 Titanium  Pilares de Implantes Personalizados